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Preciosity opens in less than two weeks! We hope you come see our brilliant and most humble art review! (Get your tickets HERE!)

Costanze and Sidonie



Horse & Cart Wants Your Art for Preciosity!

Help us fill our walls! Horse & Cart, an all original works live theater company, is looking for 30+ original paintings to showcase local talent, and hopefully benefit the community with some sales!

Richard Peter

Our latest original comedy “Preciosity” takes place in a gallery during an art review. We thought, why use crappy prop paintings and art when we could kick this show up a whole other level and have ACTUAL  art in the space by talented local artists!?

Here’s how it works — send us images of your work so we can let you know what we’d like to show, price your pieces and get them gallery ready to deliver to our space in RiNo between April 6-10th. We’ll hang/display it, take excellent care of it and audience members of the show will see it for 4 performances (April 11-19th). You’ll get 100% of the profits from whatever sold, and be responsible for picking up the pieces that didn’t either late on the 19th or on the 20th.

In addition to getting your work seen by art lovers and theater goers, your work will be part of a one-of-a-kind performance where audience members stroll through the gallery while the performance happens in and around them. It’s a hilarious mix of lowbrow humor, highbrow jokes, and even a few beautiful and touching moments, made all the better by being surrounded by art.

Sound amazing and like something you want to be a part of? Send images of your work (please only images that would be available for the show) via email with a brief bio at horseandcartcompany@gmail.com today!


‘Preciosity’ Comes to The Savoy @ Curtis Park April 11-19


What happens when you take two social climbing wannabes from the era of Moliere and stick them in modern times to review art? We wanted to find out and thus Preciosity was born! This brand new comedy took roughly 6 months in development, workshops and rehearsals. After months of hard work, we are particularly thrilled to announce the performance details for the world premiere of this one of a kind comedy.


created by Michael Emmitt, Timmi Lasley, Sam Provenzano and Maggy Stacy
inspired by Moliere’s Les Précieuses ridicules
directed by Michael Emmitt

April 11- April 19
8pm at The Savoy @ Curtis Park
2700 Arapahoe St, Denver, CO 80205

Tickets $15


Preciosity is the story of two sisters, Costanze and Sidonie de Ridicule (played by Timmi Lasley and Sam Provenzano). Described by their faithful and beleaguered servant Marotte (Maggy Stacy) as “the ultimate guardians of taste and culture, the most excellent purveyors of all that is tasteful, graceful, hasteful, and wasteful”, these 17th Century ladies invite you to experience art like never before. “Preciosity, a most important review of everything worth knowing about art if one is to be considered an cultured and well-bred lady of society” gives modern audiences a chance to be enlightened by true tastemakers from one of the most stylish eras of all time. Vital lessons like how to look at art (“One should always make a point to look one’s best” while looking at art, Costanze reminds us) and an “in-depth” look at fan etiquette as well as the real meaning of some of  the art world’s true masterpieces are graciously covered in an evening of scripted, improv and interactive theater. This unpredictable tutorial takes a turn for the worse when the sisters themselves crumble before our very eyes like a priceless statue and an unexpected guest teaches them a thing or two. Will Denver theater-goers get a great lesson in art? Will the sisters de Ridicule get it together or get what’s coming to them? Will poor Marotte ever get a break?

Find out April 11 when Preciosity opens at the Savoy @ Curtis Park!




Waking Up From Our Long Winter’s Nap

Good morning!



Other than an excuse to post a photo of a horse in pajamas, we’re seriously itching to share what we’ve been up to! After a long period of collaboration, rehearsals, gestation and hemming and hawing, we’re thrilled to announce a spring and summer packed with rocking Horse & Cart productions. Since our creations are handcrafted and 100% original, these things take time so we appreciate your patience and ongoing support. And now onto the news!


First up, we are thrilled that co-founder Michael Emmitt will be sharing his directorial talents with Off-Center at the Jones. While not a Horse & Cart creation, we think this project is incredible and that you should know about it. Directing a segment of a new show entitled Lived/Re-Lived, Michael will reinterpret an original story with puppets. That’s right. We said puppets. You won’t want to miss this. Live/Re-Lived opens this Friday. Next, we’ll be hosting last year’s PlayOff’s winner David Jacobi in Denver the following weekend for an onsite, Denverlicious brainstorming session. We’ll be working with David to come up with what we hope will be a headline-making piece of original theater which will launch this year’s PlayOffs. Speaking of PlayOffs, we’ll be taking submissions for Season 2 beginning this April so make sure you visit the PlayOffs page regularly for up-to-the-minute news. 


Right after that, Preciosity goes into it’s final stage of rehearsals. In the Horse & Cart labs since October, Preciosity is an original production which mixes Moliere with art criticism, improv, audience participation, site specific gags and a frothy blend of commentary and comedy. Bold, hilarious and truly unique, Preciosity hopes to frivolously and fabulously turn both the art world and the legacy of French farce on their respective ears. Tickets for Preciosity will on sale in the upcoming days for  performances in April. Check our ticket page soon for more information.


Oh but wait there’s more! Co-founder Sean Paul Mahoney has been busy writing a collection one-acts to be presented as part of four night event showcasing LGBT theater artists happening this June in the Mile High City. Entitled A Fairy’s Tales, this collection is Sean’s first show since 2013′s smash hit The Singing Room. Last year’s PlayOffs runner up and creative juggernaut Andrew Kramer along with NYC’s own J. Julian Christopher will also be presenting new works during this little festival to coincide with PrideFest. Plus, the long-delayed launch of Horse & Cart publications this summer and more PlayOffs shenanigans in August.

So we say goodbye cold, hello spring and see you in the audience soon, friends.


Horse & Cart



Call For Submissions! Live Anthologies, Vol. 3: Ladies Choice


In the spirit of Sadie Hawkins, we’re looking for original monologues or 1st person narratives by female playwrights that are no more than 1,000 words that can be performed by a male actor. Male playwrights write for women all of the time and we thought it would be a blast to see the shoe on the other foot.  Subject matter and age of actor are entirely up to you. Naturally, since these works are performed by one actor, works written in an engaging, monologue or storyteller style seem to work best. But ultimately, we’re looking for women who can get inside the minds of modern men and give us an entertaining few minutes on stage. Just get them in by February 1st, 2014 at 11:59pm. These works will be performed on February 13th LIVE at Paris on the Platte!

Send your work to horseandcartcompany@gmail.com with “Live Anthologies, Vol. 3″ in the subject line today!


Live Anthologies Vol. 2: 12 Days of Christmas



We’re back with another edition of Live Anthologies!

This time, we asked a dozen writers to take the 12 days of Christmas. From New York to San Diego, From Texas and Connecticut to right here in Denver, our writers tackled the most pointless  and baffling 78 gifts ever given. The result is a collection of work that  we hope is memorable, hilarious and utterly festive. And, as always, these works will be performed by some of Denver’s most talented actors. Plus, we’ll have tasty drinks and treats from Paris on the Platte and a book signing of  Tasty Year: A Food Anthology  which two of the evening’s writers contributed  to and also makes a fantastic gift. So join us why don’t, ya?

Horse & Cart presents:

Live Anthologies Vol 2.: 12 Days of Christmas

With original works by Andrew Kramer, Abby Koenig, Sean Paul Mahoney, David Jacobi, Timmi Lasley, Gina Femia, Jeffrey Neuman, Michael Thomas, Michael Emmitt, Mara Dresner, Sam Alper and Royce Roeswood.

@ Paris on the Platte

1553 Platte St, Denver, CO 80202

December 19th, 2013

from 8-10pm



Call for Submissions! Live Anthologies Vol. 1: Spirits

Hello friends! We are thrilled to be curating a new series, Live Anthologies at Paris on the Platte.  The show features original work read by actors based around a theme for each bi-monthly ‘volume’. Our first volume, ‘Spirits’ happens live on 24th of October at Paris at 8pm. And we want your to see your work on stage, you lovely writer and playwrights!


As the name suggests, we’re looking for pieces dealing with the supernatural like hauntings, ghost stories and encounters with spirits. While terrifying tales are of course encouraged, we’d love pieces that are funny, heartfelt, surprising etc. Since it’s near Halloween, reference to that would be encouraged but not required. Think more spooky story told around the campfire or monologue and less staged reading. We are seeking 10-12 original works to be performed.

Here are the specifics of what we’re looking for in submissions:

*10 minutes in length (roughly just under 1,800 words)

*Works that lend themselves to either monologue or first person narrative or storytelling.

*Limited or no stage direction and motion, given the intimate size of the stage.

*We prefer 1 person casts or prose that lends itself to a single storyteller. If multiple character, no more than 3.

* Works dealing with encounters with ghosts, spirits, hauntings and the supernatural.

* Works must be turned in by October 1st, 2013 at 11:59pm to horseandcartcompany@gmail.com


Age, race, seuxality, gender of characters as well as tone of the writing are wide open and we welcome a wide variety. Existing pieces, parts of unwritten shows, written just for this show monologues and short stories are all welcome. As long as they belong to you, we’d love to see them!  So scare up your best works and send them to us for a unique chance to hear and see your words on stage.



PlayOffs Challenge #5- The Finale!

Week 4 saw our game of KnockOff knock out two of our most unexpected and favorite competitors. Mara Dresner and Aaron Weissman were sent home after surviving 4 weeks of crazy playwriting challenges. We’ll miss them a bunch and have loved reading their work. With just two writers left this means it’s finale time! On Friday, our final two competitors Andrew Kramer and David Jacobi were given their final assignment(s).


On this page are four images from contemporary artists from around the world. Just like our playwrights, they’re interpreting their surroundings and giving something new back into to us. Many pictures are worth a thousand words, but we thought these are worth more… maybe more like 5-10 pages, which happened to be the required length of their original PlayOffs submission.



The rules were simple:
-  Our writers had to choose a single artwork to serve as their inspiration.
- Write 5-10 pages of material (short play, single or multiple scene, monologue, whatever  inspired them)
- The piece needed to be titled
- Create a work that fully represents who they are as playwrights while giving the audience a glimpse into where they’re going in the future.



As producers and judges, we’re hoping that the images serve as inspirations and not looking for literal interpretations. This a final chance for us to really see what these two contestants bring to the table as playwrights and who they are. Which brings us to the second part of this week’s challenge. But first another image.



Through the online competitions and first live performance, our audience has gotten to know our final two contestants. We wanted them to learn even more and have a little fun in the process. The 2nd assignment was to write a first-person monologue with themselves as the main character. Performed as monologues elevates this information to something more theatrical than your average boring bio. For this mini-challenge, we gave the writers free reign as far as creativity and style goes.

So how’d they do? WE’RE DYING TO FIND OUT! Join us This Thursday at 8pm at Voodoo Comedy Playhouse to see for yourself, for all of the Best in Show performances and to watch us crown the PlayOffs Winner live!


PlayOffs Challenge #4: KnockOff

“Good artists borrow, great artists steal” is a quote attributed to Pablo Picasso but many believe he himself stole it from Voltaire. All of this swapping, stealing and being “inspired by” that artists and writers do is the basis for this week’s PlayOff challenge, KnockOff. On Friday, we gave our 4 remaining playwrights the task of creating two scenes based on plots from famous Shakespeare works. They have just 4 days to complete this challenge.


Seems fitting considering ol’ Billy was a bit of a borrower himself. Shakespeare  ripped-off was “inspired by” popular stories, other plays, all kinds of sources, but it was what he added and his ability to capture the human spirit that made his plays memorable. And in turn, he’s inspired everything from cartoons to musicals and beyond.So, in honor of the Bard, our final four contestants were given permission to liberally borrow from Shakespeare’s themes, plots and characters. But we told them to forget the thee’s and thou’s, we want to see modern interpretations of Shakespeare’s work. As judges, we vary from appreciators to having worked 3 years in a professional Shakespeare company and Shakespeare directing credits. We should be able to perceive which play is serving as the inspiration without the writer telling us.


Basing a new work on something familiar isn’t easy. Sure, you have the plot and characters already there but putting your own voice and surprises in there takes some real talent. Modernizing it, making it fresh, telling it for a new audience, that’s an admirable thing to tackle. The trick is to be able to use Shakespeare’s plots and characters as a jumping off point, not as a crutch.  As judges, we’re looking for originality and creativity that tips its hat to the source material in clever and unexpected ways. Since this an individual challenge, we wanted to really see things from the contestants we hadn’t seen so far. That’s why the only other requirement they were given for this challenge was a genre. Our two writers who have shown comedic prowess already were given ‘tragedy’ as their genre while our other two more moody and dark playwrights were given ‘comedy.’


Should be an incredibly fun round to read and this week you’ll get to read it too! We’ll be posting the scenes from our four finalists online and you can help us pick this week’s ‘best in the show.’ And just because we like you, here’s another little goody for you. Think you’re good at spotting a knock-off? Email the 4 TITLES of the Shakespeare plays that the movies in these posters knocked off. Folks who get all four right will be entered into a drawing for 2 free tickets for the PlayOffs Finale on August 29th at the Voodoo Comedy Playhouse at 8pm. Email horseandcartcompany@gmail.com with your answers, put “PlayOffs Contest” in the subject line and good luck!